Check out these gorgeous tailored-made Mokorotlo designs by @Boity1997.

The Mokorotlo has become popular in the international fashion arena. Here’s a brief history on it:

• The Mokorotlo is a traditional Sotho cone-shaped hat, that is made from an indigenous grass known as “mosea” or “lehodi“.

• It is the national symbol of Lesotho.

• The design is believed to have been inspired by the Qiloane Mountain, the mountain where King Moshoeshoe I, lived during his triumphs in battles with the various nations that were attacking the Basotho.

• It is also known as “modianyewe”, which means “he who executes judgement in court” in Sesotho. It is the object which was used to cast rulings in customary courts, similar to the symbolism of a gavel in western societies.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

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