This weekend, the ruling party in South Africa celebrated its 108th birthday in Kimberly. Last night (Friday), the ANC held a Gala Dinner at the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre, and today (Saturday), a Birthday Bash at the Tafel Lager Park Stadium.

Even though the events trended on social media, the attention seemed to be more on the tall, dark and handsome Duduzane Zuma. Yes my darlings. Duduzane got more attention than the President. Duduzane Zuma is a South African businessman and the son of former President, Jacob Zuma.

The pandemonium started when a video of Duduzane arriving at the ANC Gala Dinner was posted on Twitter. From then on, chaos erupted.

The ladies went crazy over Duduzane’s walk.

“From that Duduzane video, I think what stood out for me was the stature, his confidence even in his walk, just how he seems certain of himself.” –Esethu Ntwendala

The gents claimed that they wouldn’t mind if their lady left them for Duduzane.

“Duduzane is probably the coolest man SA has, I too would be happy for my girlfriend if she were to leave me for him.” -@freedom_ride

Some ladies imagine Duduzane as a male protagonist in a novel. Which is understandable, as he is tall, dark and handsome.

“Duduzane looks like someone we visualize in a novel when they describe the male protagonist.” -@PrincesseGontse

Some are convinced that Duduzane is South Africa’s next President.

“Duduzane Zuma is the future President of RSA. Save this tweet and you’ll remember it years from now. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as President.” -Senzo Mkwanazi

Check out more tweets about Duduzane here and here.

Duduzane also stole the show at the ANC Birthday Bash. He was the centre of attention as he strutted around the stadium, taking selfies with his fans.

This is not the first time Duduzane caused pandemonium in South Africa. Two years ago, the Democratic Alliance hired people to protest outside court against Duduzane. When Duduzane came out, the protestors forgot their mandate and drooled over him.

It’s safe to say that Duduzane Zuma is South Africa’s National Crush.

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