Mam’ Winnie Was Sekhmet

Winnie Mandela reminds me of Sekhmet. Thank you for everything Mam’ Winnie. May your soul Rest In Peace.

IMAGE CREDIT: Peter Magubane and Sheeba Maya

The devotion of motherhood was also an aspect attributed to Sekhmet. She was viewed as a form of Hathor, the primeval mother of humanity and the gods. Sekhmet was the incarnation of the fearless lioness. She was the essence of the majesty, royalty and power of the fierce lioness. In art, she was depicted as such, or as a shoulder length dreadlocked Afrikan woman with the head of a lioness, dressed in red. Tame lions were kept in temples dedicated to Sekhmet. The cult of Sekhmet was and remains widespread in Afrika and in the diaspora. Sekhmet was known by different names at different times in different areas in Afrika. But her core role, function and attributes remained resiliently unaltered, inspite of local several local embellishments. Sometimes her identity was composited in the identity of a great ancestral female matriarch, and it was rationalized that Sekhmet had incarnated amongst humanity as that female matriarch.

In the animal kingdom, Sekhmet ruled as the all powerful dreadlocked lioness, and in the human kingdom, she ruled as the Queen of Queens of Kush and Kemet. She was said to manifest in the physical world cyclically, either as the lioness, or as the incarnation of an all powerful Empress. It is usually in the human form as an Afrikan Queen that Sekhmet prefers to leave her marks on humanity. In parts of Afrika, one finds Sekhmet composited with various localized strong women such as, The Queen of Sheba in Ancient Ethiopia, Queen Amina in Zaria: Nigeria, Queen Kahina, The Black Afrikan Jewish Queen of the Berbes and Queen Nzinga in Angola.

By: Jide Uwechia

One response to “Mam’ Winnie Was Sekhmet

  1. We lost a true warrior. She was a beacon of hope and fought for truth and justice. She will be dearly missed by millions. I had to share this on Twitter. Thank you for this post and honoring this warrior queen.

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