ABATWA: The Tiny Zulu Warriors

In Zulu Mythology, Abatwa are believed to be tiny human warriors and hunters. They are so small, that they are able to hide beneath a blade of grass. They even ride ants. They live in ant holes. Their homes are decorated with seed mosaics and paintings. They do not live in these homes forever though, as they are nomadic, and are continually on the hunt for game.


Legend states that if one happens to come across an Abatwa, one will typically be asked a question like, “From where did you first see me?” One must reply by saying one saw them from a mountain, or some far away area. They are said to be extremely sensitive about their size, and if one answers by saying that one only saw them right then for the first time, the Abatwa will try to kill them with poison arrows. Luckily, the poison is only enough to kill small game, not gigantic humans. Stepping on an Abatwa by accident is also asking for trouble.


Due to their shy nature, they prefer to be seen by children, by those who are “spiritually gifted”, and by pregnant women. If a pregnant woman in her seventh month of pregnancy sees a male Abatwa, it is said that she will give birth to a boy. Abatwa may also reveal themselves to men, so they can share their knowledge of the land with them.

What if I had encounters with Abatwa when I was a child, and I don’t remember any of it? 😳 πŸ˜†


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