Kolmanskop Ghost Town

“Like sands through the hour glass, and so are the Days of our Lives.”

That quote resonates with Kolmanskop Ghost Town, which has been covered in sand for more than 100 years. This supposedly haunted Namibian town emerged during the early 1900s, because of a diamond rush. There were diamonds in the Namib Desert sands.

Kolmanskop was home to over 1000 German miners. It had a school, a hospital, a casino, an ice-factory, a theater an a sports hall. The residents received their water from Cape Town.

Kolmanskop lasted for less than 50 years. Its downfall occured in the 1950s, when the desert started running out of diamonds, and the prices of diamonds declined.

“There is always something eerie but oddly beautiful about a place that used to be full of life, but is now dormant.”


• Romain Veillon
• Michael Toye
• Michiel Van Balen
• Hoberman Collection


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