Ma’at, The Queen Of The Universe

Our planet is in a state of chaos. It is filled with so much violence, wars, inequality, injustice, racism and xenophobia. Our planet is out of balance. Maybe some ancient wisdom could help us restore some order on this planet. Ancient wisdom in the form of the concept of Ma’at perhaps?

Ma'at by Nuwbia Designs

Ma’at by Nuwbia Designs

Ma’at is the Goddess of the living and the dead. She is above all national, tribal and individual gods and deities on Earth. She is a concept that encompasses the qualities of order, balance and justice, and as an anthropomophic Goddess, embodied the duality that typified Ancient Egypt.

The concept of Ma’at enveloped all aspects of Egyptian life, from the Nile’s regular inundation to one’s behaviour towards one’s neighbour. Ma’at is the gentle, kind, unobstructive Mother-figure. The epitome of dazzling beauty, femininity and elegance with calming, compassionate, affectionate, rebullient, protective and motherly demeanour words and actions. All humans are her sons and daughters, and everyone is required to be good and to live the truth.

Principles of Ma'at

Principles of Ma’at

Ma’at’s principles of Justice and Truth still dominate the affairs of mankind today. Without justice, there is chaos. It is to Ma’at that the world turns to seek justice. Heads of States, Judges of Courts, Parliamentaries all take their oaths based on the principles of Ma’at. Myths and philosophies of religions in the world, law and order in society, what constitutes good governance and democracy all originated from the concept of Ma’at.

SIDE NOTE: Some of these principles are a bit extreme though. We’re not perfect. We’re only human.

SOURCE: Naiwu Osahon


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