Mafdet, The Lynx Goddess

“Lady of the House of Life”, “Slayer of Serpents”, “The Great Cat”.

Goddess Mafdet by Chris Dacus.

Goddess Mafdet by Chris Dacus.

So, I decided to join the masses on Pottermore, to find out what my Patronus is. My Patronus is a Lynx! After some research, I found out that the Lynx is associated with an Ancient Egyptian Goddess called, Mafdet.

Lynx Patronus

Lynx Patronus

Mafdet Is an Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Judgment, Justice and Execution. She is believed to be the first Cat Goddess in Ancient Egypt – older than Bast and Sekhmet. She is depicted as a woman with braided hair, with the head of a LYNX, a cat, a leopard, a panther or a mongoose. It is believed that the braided hair ended up in the tails and bodies of scorpions that she killed. This is not a surprise, as she is also the protector against venomous bites – especially those of snakes and scorpions. She is also the protector of the Egyptian deity, Ra and the protector of the Pharaoh, his chambers and his tomb. She is believed to rip out the hearts of wrongdoers, and delivers them to the Pharaoh’s feet – just like a cat would deliver its prey to its owner.



“Thou art the Great Cat, the avenger of the Gods, the judge of words, the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor.”



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