Woman Crush Everyday – Fadumo Dayib

My Woman Crush Everyday today is Fadumo Dayib. Fadumo is running for Presidency of Somalia. If she wins, she will be the first female President of Somalia.

Fadumo Dayib

Fadumo Dayib

Fadumo Dayib is 43 years old. She’s gorgeous, intelligent and a mommy of four. She holds three Master’s Degrees in Health Sciences and Public Health, and currently doing a PH. D in Women’s Governmental Participation and Government in Post Conflict Regions. She grew up in Kenya, but her family was deported back to Somalia, because of tensions between Kenya and Somalia. They then moved to Finland. Fadumo moved back to Somalia in 2005, to run for Presidency, which will be held sometime in 2016.

Fadumo Dayib

Fadumo Dayib


“And when I was going to Mogadishu in January, I sat them down and I told them that I’m leaving you, but I’m not sure I might come back. And if I don’t, then you have to know that you are also expected to do this. When the day comes and you have the capability to do so, you must fight for democracy. We must not let evil overcome goodness. And they understand why we need to do this for Somalia because they share the love that I have for Somalia.”


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