Black Queen



Cosmic oceans bursting forth.
Sweet waters guide them through the womb.
An ancestral corridor.
Pulsating rhythms of the Universe,
invoked celestial bodies to dance,
in celebration of the black woman.

Destined to be a Queen.
A jewel of the Nile.
Mother of abundance.
Builder of nations.
First teacher, fashioned in the image of Oshun, Yemaya and Auset.
The star constellations reflect her beauty.
Her essence would be like that of lilac and jasmine flowers,
riding gentle breezes.

Black Queen.
Owner of the feminine mysteries.
Owner of the first magic.
Her cycles in sync with the phases of the moon.

Black Queen.
Mother of humanity.
Owner of Nubian and Kushite nations.

Reigning across the Sahara, down the Niger.
Reigning through the Kalahari,
and up and around the Great Wall of Zimbabwe.

Fashioned in the likeness of her womb.
Revered, honored and adorned by all.
Embraced by the Supreme.
Her consciousness eternal.
The Great Mother.
The Divine One.
Black Queen.
Sanctioned by the laws of the Universe,
and Divine by nature.

By: Sonyika I. Ogunbusola


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