Princess Mokko

Princess Mokko is a fictional character, created by Mervin Kaunda, from the book, “The Kingdom of the Sun”. She is an African Princess, and the only child of King Akumi. King Akumi taught her in the the art of fighting, ruling, farming and all manner of duties reserved for males of the time.

Princess Mokko

Princess Mokko

Princess Mokko grew into a wise and fearless leader. Her many conquests earned her the respect and admiration of her people. She led her people into battle against a dark king, called Ghoru, master of darkness.

Due to her proven battle strategies, Princess Mokko was given a seat on the High Council of Elders. She was the only woman, and the youngest on the council, which mainly comprised of great kings, warriors and notable men of the 10 kingdoms. Princess Mokko’s actions and contributions inspired a lot of women of the land to become active in the war.


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