Princely pride that strides with pace of worthiness.
Adebimpe, breathing river,
who raises the terrent of men’s heart with unquestionable speed.
The enigma with possession of secret charms.
Guide your heart jealousy, Adebimpe is coming.
She will steal your mind and give you sleepless nights.
Even in dreams,
the greats are tormented to murmur her name,
in endless wish as their ultimate desire.
Tell me, did I not see the moon beaming
her glorious light upon your face?
Did I not hear the stars whispering your loveliness in silent gossip?
Time and space sat upon the table of eternity,
to decide the fate of mankind.
They choose Adebimpe as the Oracle of Destiny.
Legend thought no woman’s beauty can alter
the heart of a certain Ondo warrior.
Come ask Adebimpe.
She will refer you to history.
Warriors whimpered at her presence.
They even wrestle one another to catch a glimpse of her braids.
The King refuses to eat.
He said he lost his appetite.
Call Adebimpe.
His Majesty rushes the food.
Licks his plate, and even asks for more.
A jewel with no hiding.
The Warrior Queen with beads of azure.
Those dangling earings,
that adorned your soft pleasing ears.
Were they not made with precious stones,
dug from the freshness of the soil?
This Earth, they say, is a secret.
And Adebimpe is the keeper of the secret.
From the belly of the fiery Earth,
you soften those jewels with your smile.
Now they dangle in full radiance of your beauty.
They say you hold the secret to men’s heart.
The old, the young, they come to your bossom.
Seeking wisdom about and for their wayward husbands.
Adebimpe can never be overlooked.
Soft but hard.
Shy but confident.
Simple but complex.
Adebimpe omo oba!
A riddle that perplexes the sage.
Your love is all I need.
Your beauty is all I crave.
The love of my life.
The dearest of my heart.
My own Adebimpe.

By: Dan Akinlolu


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