Woman Crush Everyday – Chief Kachindamoto

My Woman Crush Everyday today, is the Warrior Chief, Theresa Kachindamoto from Malawi.

Chief Kachindamoto

Chief Kachindamoto

Chief Theresa Kachindamoto is dismantling child marriage in Malawi, where a law making marriage under the age of 18 illegal was passed recently. She is lobbying the government to increase age of marriage to 21. She has dismantled about 850 marriages within three years, so far.

Chief Kachindamoto

Chief Kachindamoto

She has received backlash for her wonderful work, and was told she had no right to overturn tradition, but that hasn’t stopped her, or slowed her down. Chief Kachindamoto makes sure that the children go back to school, by either paying the children’s school fees herself, or finding sponsors for them. She makes sure the children stay in school through a network of “secret mothers and fathers” who monitor villages.

“We have now set our own laws to govern everybody within my area when it comes to marriages and will leave no sacred cow,” she said.

Before Kachindamoto became leader of over 900,000 people in the Dedza district near Lake Malawi, she worked as a secretary at a college in a neighboring district. After 27 years, the elders summoned her home to become chief—despite being the youngest of 12 siblings, they decided she was best suited because she was good with people.

Read more about the Warrior Chief here.


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