Queen Cleopatra VII

Queen Cleopatra VII is known as being one of the most beautiful and alluring Queens of Ancient Egypt. She popularized a number of beauty essentials like shea butter, essential oils, bath salts, perfumes and milk baths, which are used by women today. But Cleopatra was more than a beauty icon…

Queen Cleopatra VII

Queen Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra VII is the most famous of the seven matriarchs who bore the name, “Cleopatra”. She became Queen at the age of 17. By mastering different languages and several dialectics, she became instumental in reaching the borders of Egypt. Striving to elevate Egypt to world supremacy, she enlisted the military services of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. She persuaded Julius Caesar, and later Mark Antony to renounce their Roman allegiances to fight on behalf of Egypt. Each however, met his death before Cleopatra’s dreams of conquest were realized. Disheartened, Cleopatra pressed an asp on her breast, ending her life. Her patron Goddess was Isis.


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