Fanele, The Young Prince Of Debate

Fanele Mashwama, from Swaziland, and his partner Bo Seo, are the new champions of the World Universities Debate Championships, representing Harvard. These championships took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. They won proposing the motion: ‘This house believes that the world’s poor would be justified in pursuing full Marxist revolution’

Fanele Mashwama

Fanele Mashwama

According to, Fanele Mashwama is a junior at Harvard, concentrating in Philosophy. His academic interests include questions concerning distributive justice, interpersonal moral duties, and the connection (or lack thereof) between motivation, reasons, and ethical commitments. He is also interested in entrepreneurship and the influence of the evolution of mobile technology on African development. Fanele is a member of the College’s parliamentary debate team, the Harvard Debate Union, as well as the Harvard College Faith in Action fellowship community.

Bo Seo, Fanele's debating partner.

Bo Seo, Fanele’s debating partner.

Fanele is a debater of the highest pedigree, and according to Eusebius Mckaizer, “a special, smart, hardworking, talented and brilliant African”. His success with Team Swaziland at the World Schools Debate Championship still remains one of debate’s most iconic stories!

If the Harry Potter World was real, Fanele would be in Ravenclaw House.

If the Harry Potter World was real, Fanele would be in Ravenclaw House.

Congratulations Fanele and Bo! And 10 000 points to Ravenclaw!


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