Katriena Esau – The First Female Chief Of The Khomani Tribe

Photo Credit: SABC

Photo Credit: SABC

Ouma (Grandmother) Katriena Esau, is the first female Chief of the Western N|u, a tribe of the Khomani-San Tribe. She is 82 years old, and she was inaugurated on 30 May 2015, in Upington, in the Nothern Cape. She is one of four people who can speak the N|u language fluently. She was chosen to lead the community for her tireless efforts to preserve and promote the N|u language. She has a small school called, “Gazing The Stars”, in Upington, where she and her granddaughter, Claudia du Plessis, teach children and anyone who wants to learn the N|u language. Ouma Katriena Esau is the recepient of the National Order of the Baobab from President Jacob Zuma, for her excellent contribution in the preservation of a language facing a threat of extinction.


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