The Regal Edo Bride

You would be forgiven if you mistook an Edo bride for a member of any royal family in Nigeria, as they look like queens and princesses in their beaded coral attires. An Edo bride rocks a hairstyle called, Eto-Okuku. The Eto-Okuku is adorned with coral beads, that are sewn into it, to form a crown known as the Okuku. Some Edo brides buy a ready made wig which comes with the styled hair, and the crown sewn in, which is less time consuming. Edo brides also tie beautiful wrappers around their waist, made from velvet, lace and george. Over the wrapper, some Edo brides wear a beaded cape or blouse, known as Ewu-ivie. Their necks are adorned with coral beads known as Ivie-uru, and they wear beads on their hands, known as Ivie-obo. The beaded earrings are called, Emi- ehorivie, and the beaded handbag, called the Ekpa-ivie, completes the outfit.


2 responses to “The Regal Edo Bride

  1. It is so artistic. Thank you for taking the time to share. I have some books on ethnic dresses in Africa, but they don’t cover even a fraction of African outfits.


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