Kristal Duncan’s Chocolate and Amarula Trifle

Photo Credit: Getaway Magazine

Photo Credit: Getaway Magazine

* 20 x 20cm square of chocolate cake (the better the cake, the better the trifle).
* 1 litre of chilled custard
* 2 x flakes (or more!)
* 500 ml whipped cream
* Your choice of nuts
* 2 tots Amarula Liqueur
* Cherries (optional)


1. Cut chocolate cake into 2x2cm chunks.
2. Place first layer on bottom of suitable glass bowl.
3. Pour tot of Amarula Liqueur over cake.
4. Pour layer of custard over chunks of cake – approx half a litre.
5. Whip cream until stiff.
6. Add a layer of cream over custard in blobs, working from outside in so that you can see the layers when you’re done.
7. Roughly chop nuts.
8. Sprinkle a layer over cream.
9. Crumble a layer of flake.
10. Repeat layers, starting with cubed cake, moistening it with a shot of Amarula Liqueur, then custard, and cream.
11. Garnish the top with cherries, nuts and a flake.
12. Keep chilled until you’re ready to serve.


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