An African Sunset

Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River

Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River

I look to the west
The horizon afar is circular and round
Like a perfect sphere
The sky above me now a vast blue dome
Then alas! I shield my eyes
The dome’s on fire…

The big ball burns the sky
Into vibrant orange and fiery yellow
And it sinks
The sky changes dramatically
Like colors in a lit crystal ball
Telling tales in colors and hue
The ball becomes hotter
It turns to blood red
Like beet juice…
Or maybe cherry
But all the same, a real deep red
That I have never seen on a sunset

It sets lazily now
Like an Arabian Princess
Swooning gracefully
Down to the pillows the horizon holds

The red dome now turn to the color of earth
Like the soils of the highlands
Which nurture the best of all coffee
It becomes darker still
Like sand rain kissed

The earth now sighs contentedly
An orchestra after a perfomance
The curtains fall
Leaving darkness in its wake
And at last its eyes fully
Waiting for the next time
The African Sun shall call again…

By: Hellen Masido Mwambi


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