The Ntomb’entle Dolls

Ntomb'entle 1

Ntomb’entle means, “beautiful lady”, in isiZulu. I’m glad the creators of the dolls, Molemo Kgomo and Mpumi Motsabi, named them Ntomb’entle, because these dolls are stunning.

Ntomb'entle 2

The Ntomb’entle Dolls celebrate the rich African Heritage of South Africa. Each doll represents a South African culture: Venda, Tsonga, Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa, Ndebele, Pedi and Swazi. They are adorned with the beautiful traditional attire of their respective cultures.

Ntomb'entle 3

Molemo Kgomo and Mpumi Motsabi said that the dolls are designed to help black South African girls to love themselves, to love their beautiful features. I wish these dolls were around when I was a child. They are more relatable then the dolls I used to play with. Their brown skin, their hair, their noses and their eyes. And they look like normal little girls, not like super models.


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