Oshun: The Guide To Loving Your Body

“I am the honey-sweet voice of the waters. I am the flowing of a woman’s skirt, as she dances her life.”


Oshun is the beautiful, charming and sensual Yoruba Goddess of love, flirtations, sensuality, beauty, the arts, prosperity and fertility. She is the Queen of the Sweet Waters, who resides in the rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and waterfalls of Nigeria. She has a river named after her, called the Osun River. She is also the Mother of fresh water fish and forest birds, especially peacocks, parrots and vultures.

Oshun Shining

Oshun loves to dance, and she loves her body. She adorns herself with gold jewelry, mirrors, elaborate fans, and beautiful pottery filled with water, shiny river stones or gems. She revels in the feel of her body. She is fluid like the water she presides over. She loves to swim, dance with the forest birds, writh naked and bathe naked. She gets turned on by her own image, and loves to look at herself in the mirror. Just like most women, Oshun loves sweet things. That’s why her followers present her with offerings of yellow roses, tulips, perfume, honey, mead, white wine, oranges, sweets and pumpkins with cinnamon. These make her very happy.


Oshun is the guide to loving and appreciating your own body. We live in a world where we as women, are made to feel insecure about our bodies, because we don’t look like super models. Oshun teaches us to accept and love ourselves and our bodies the way we are, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with us. Enjoy your body. Don’t be ashamed of it. Sign up for a belly dancing or pole dancing class, adorn yourself with your favourite clothing, accessories, perfumes and lotions, go for a massage, take a bubble bath with scented oils, indulge in your favourite dessert. Do whatever it is that makes you happy, because you’re beautiful.


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