Rahel Doll by Hearts 4 Hearts


Hello. I’d like to introduce you to Rahel. Rahel is a cute Ethiopian doll, created by Hearts 4 Hearts. She is 10 years old, and she dreams of becoming a doctor one day. She loves to help people, just like her mother, who is a community health provider.

Rahel Doll

Rahel is so adorable. I love her big brown eyes, her beautiful curly hair and her cute little cheeks. She wears a beautiful yellow knit top, a crimson woven wrap-around skirt, platform sandals, beaded necklaces and bangle bracelets. She’s a very stylish 10 year old.

Rahel School

She also loves going to school. School will help her achieve her dreams of becoming a doctor. The “School Time For Rahel” playset includes her school uniform, a notebook, pencils and a soccer ball. I love this little angel. I hope her dreams come true, and I get to be Doctor Rahel’s patient one day.


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