Stone Town, Zanzibar Town, Tanzania


Stone Town, the soul of Zanzibar Town. Also called Mji Mkongwe (Swahili for “old town”). A Swahili town, with Moorish, Arab, Persian, Indian and European influences.


I can totally see myself living in this beautiful place. It consists of two things that I love to be surrounded with. Beautiful, old architecture and the ocean. I can see myself spending hours exploring the maze of narrow streets, sided by two-storey houses, shops, markets and mosques, and wandering the wider seafront streets, and taking a walk on the beach.


Stone Town was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Its architecture dates back to the 19th century, where Zanzibar was the most important trading centre in the Indian Ocean region.


Some of Stone Town’s historical buildings are: The House of Wonders, The Palace Museum, The Old Fort, The Malindi Mosque, The Aga Khan Mosque and The Anglican Cathedral.


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