Lake Retba (Lac Rose)

Lac Rose

Lake Retba or Lac Rose is a beautiful pink lake, located in Senegal. When I first saw pictures of this lake, I didn’t believe it. I thought the pictures were photoshopped. I mean, how is it possible for water to be pink? After I realized that the pink lake was real, I thought the lake had chemicals in it. But I was wrong. The lake’s pink colour is natural. The pink colour is caused by the Dunaliella Salina Bacteria, which is attracted by the lake’s high salt content. The bacteria produces a red pigment, in order to absorb the sunlight, thus giving the lake a pink colour.


Because of its high salt content, Lac Rose has become a source of income for the people that live in the area. About 1000 people work around the lake, harvesting salt. They collect up to 24 000 tons of salt per year. They use shea butter to prevent the salt from harming their skin, while they’re working.


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