Tennis Biscuit Trifle


I don’t celebrate Christmas anymore. But I still have beautiful memories of when I used to. One of them is of myself making a trifle. I was always the one assigned to make the trifle. Every single year on Christmas Day, I made the trifle. I never complained, because it was easy to make. It was better than slaving over the stove for hours. The recipe below is how I used to make it. There are no measurements. You use everything, because it caters for a large number of guests, especially the annoying ones that start trickling in after Christmas lunch has been served, and the dishes have been washed.


* 2x 80g packet jelly powder
* 1 litre Ultra Mel custard
* 200g packet Tennis biscuits
* 420g KOO canned fruit
* 2x 360g Nestle Caramel Treat
* 290g can Nestle dessert cream
* 120g slab Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, grated


1. Prepare the jelly according to packet instructions.
2. Place the jelly in the fridge until it sets.
3. When the jelly is set, chop it into cubes, and layer some of it onto the base of a deep, large, glass dish.
4. Then pour a thick layer of custard over the jelly.
5. Break the Tennis biscuits into crumbs with your hands, and place a layer of them onto the custard.
6. Drain the canned fruit, and place a layer of them onto the Tennis biscuits.
7. Place a layer of Nestle Caramel Treat onto the canned fruit.
8. Repeat steps 3 to 7, until you almost reach the top.
9. Then pour a thick layer of Nestle dessert cream on top, until it totally covers the trifle.
10. Sprinkle grated chocolate on top.
11. Let the trifle set in the fridge, for a few hours.
12. Serve with vanilla ice-cream, and granadila yoghurt.

Image: David Sillitoe

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