Queen Tiye

“The most praised. The lady of grace. Sweet in her love. Who fills the palace with her beauty. The regent of the North and South. The Great Wife of the King. The lady of both lands…”
~Pharaoh Amenhotep III

Queen Tiye

Queen Tiye was truly loved by her husband, Pharaoh Amenhotep III, for him to express himself in such a poetic manner. The public declarations of love didn’t end with the poetry. He built her the largest man-made lake in history, and erected a beautiful palace for her. He erected statues of her, and he dedicated a temple to her, in Sedeinga, where she was worshipped as a Goddess. I don’t blame him though. Queen Tiye was a beautiful, wise, intelligent and amazing woman.

She ruled Kemet (Ancient Egypt) side by side with Amehotep III, as his Great Royal Wife, during the 18th dynasty. She was so powerful and infuential, foreign diplomats often appealed directly to her in matters of international relations. When Amenhotep III became incapacitated, because of old age, Queen Tiye became Secretary of State, and ruled Kemet on behalf of her husband. She also took over political duties when her son, Akhenaton neglected his political duties, when he was establishing a new religion. She was also a trend-setter, and the women of Kemet aspired to look like her. I also want to look like her. I want to kneel down at her feet, and worship the ground she walks on…


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