The Motouleng Cave

“Mystical”, “Spiritual” and “Sacred”. These are words that I would use to describe the Motouleng Cave. Situated near the small town of Clarens, at the foot of the Maluti Mountains, in the Free State, South Africa, the Motouleng Cave is the second largest overhanging cave in the southern hemisphere.

At the entrance of the cave, there is a fountain, called, “sediba sa bophelo”, which means, “fountain of life”. Visitors drop silver coins in the water for good fortuin, and to ensure a peaceful stay in the cave.

Inside the cave, there are huts that are built under its roofs, where visitors stay for spiritual reasons. Sangomas (traditional healers), and prophets come to stay in the cave, because of their spiritual calling, and they stay there for months, even years. Some stay there permanently. Apostolic Christian Zionists make pilgrimages to the cave, to connect with God, by praying, lighting candles and singing. Sick people come to the cave to pray for healing. Some come to the cave to connect with the spirit world, and to seek understanding of their dreams, and give thanks to God and the ancestors.

The Motouleng Cave, is also known as, The Fertility Cave, because women who struggle to have children go there to ask God and the ancestors for help.

The Motouleng Cave is a holy place, so showing respect when visiting there is essential. That is why it is advisable to wear long skirts, and clothes that cover the body, before stepping onto the sacred ground.


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